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The Worldcoin roadmap is a dynamic and evolving blueprint that is subject to change and refinement through input and decisions from the Worldcoin community. Whether you are a developer, a user, an enthusiast, or simply someone interested in the future of decentralized systems, please reach out through the appropriate channel:

Security Audits

Over the course of several months beginning in April 2023, audit firms Nethermind and Least Authority conducted two separate security assessments on the off-chain and on-chain components of the Worldcoin Protocol.

Included in the audits were the following parts of the protocol:

  • Correctness of the implementation, including cryptographic constructions and primitives and appropriate use of smart contract constructs
  • Common and case-specific implementation errors
  • Adversarial actions and other attacks on the code
  • Secure key storage and proper management of encryption and signing keys
  • Exposure of any critical information during user interactions
  • Resistance to DDoS (distributed denial of service) and similar attacks
  • Vulnerabilities in the code leading to adversarial actions and other attacks
  • Protection against malicious attacks and other methods of exploitation
  • Performance problems or other potential impacts on performance
  • Data privacy, data leaking and information integrity
  • Inappropriate permissions, privilege escalation and excess authority

Of the issues detected during the Nethermind security assessment, which performed a comprehensive audit of Worldcoin’s smart contracts, 92.6% were identified as fixed after the re-audit stage, while 3.7% were mitigated and an additional 3.7% were acknowledged.